Focus and Scope

Faletehan Health Journal (FHJ) is a scientific journal that presents scientific work on the results of research and analytical-critical studies from researchers, lecturers, and practitioners in the field of health including midwifery, nursing and public health. The scope of research and research in this journal are:

Public Health (biostatistics, epidemiology, health education and promotion, health policy and administration, environmental health, public health nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, and occupational health and safety),

Midwifery (Premarital and Preconciption Preparation, Midwifery Care in ANC, Midwifery Care in Labor / delivery, Midwifery Care in Post Partum, Neonatal Care Immunization, Breast Feeding, Reproductive Health, Family Planning and Child Growth Development)

Nursing (medical and surgical nursing, emergency nursing, basic nursing, education in nursing, nursing management, maternity nursing, child nursing, psychiatric nursing, community and geriatric nursing)

All articles received will be published publicly, and are free to all readers.