Call for Reviewer!

Faletehan Health Journal (FHJ) is a "Faletehan Health Journal" is a scientific journal that contains articles relevant to issues of public health, nursing, midwifery, clinical and social health in the form of research results, literature review articles, or field report articles (original research, literature review, field report). Published every four months: July, November and March.

Faletehan Health Journal is a journal managed by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) Faletehan University. Faletehan Health Journal invite all researchers, practitioners, and academics to contribute to peer review in the Faletehan Health Journal for articles related to scientific developments taking place in the health related.

Criteria for Prospective Reviewer (Peer Review Board) of FHJ

Having expertise (expertise) in Health, including:
1. Field of Nursing
2. Public Health Sector
3. Field of Midwifery
4. Have a good track record of publications (have a SCOPUS / Google Scholar H-Index)
5. Level of Education: Minimum Masters (S2)

Duties of JSI Reviewer

Reviewers will be asked to review the manuscript and provide feedback in accordance with the criteria set by FHJ. Reviewers are able to evaluate articles in a timely manner. If in the opinion of the reviewer the manuscript needs to be revised or cannot be published, the reviewer must be able to provide adequate comments and provide constructive instructions to the author.


For those who are interested can send the willingness form to